The stock market is not a place for earning money!

Keep the story open as you believe Causing many people to wonder why it is said like this This is not an exaggeration at the stock market. It’s not a place for “money-earners”. Let’s repeat the word “make money”, but it doesn’t mean “make money” at all, but what is the separator?

Many people are obsessed with the trend. And think the stock market is A source of wealth, not at all! It’s a trap! Is the real illusion of the stock market Not amazing for people who have dreams. Building oneself Or hope to get a little rich Many people may start to think that I am Is there prejudice? Did you lose stock or not? Arrive like this ..

I would like to answer that not at all, although I do not get involved in the stock market all the time. But still have a remaining investment portfolio This year I received about 6-7% of the dividend and there is another 5% upside at today. Simply put, if I sell now, the profit this year is about 10% more than. Not a lot of noticeable things. But it has been around for years on sideway markets and has n’t given it a lot of time to just watch and close, except when wanting to buy a new one after it’s been sold. Which is long enough, maybe even years. This is just what I say I’m not biased and I still have stocks. And why did you write it like this? Including ..

Why believe me?

First of all I write this because it is true. It is something that many people misunderstand and do not want to waste time on. Including a waste of money as a free gift Because partly from my experience That is not a bad experience. If you are someone who has read, followed, or know me in a certain way, then you probably know that I am a thinker and love to write. I study stocks seriously. Not only studies, but also experiments, theories, principles of statistical collection, sheep techniques to others. Until I even tried to create my own technique As for the basics, don’t have to mention I’m already on this side. Business analysis, financial statements is also what I do. And with passion to write until one day I also wrote a stock book. Which should be on the market soon And not going to boast of great versatility Just what I want to say I not only know about stocks that may not be very good, but I know a lot as well.

Rich people with the stock market I would like to contradict that Rich people with lottery Have as well

Don’t make money on the stock market

Flaunt its properties moderately Actually, the intention wants you to open up to me Instead, it is not a place to “make money” but do not argue that it can “make money” and what is dangerous is hoping to get rich from the stock market. Someone might argue that Rich people with the stock market I would like to contradict that Rich people with lottery They are the same and will say that they are rich with the stock market, spending hundreds of times more than the lottery (tens of thousands Is a hundred thousand times as well) while the number of people to buy is unlikely to differ This isn’t just saying Getting rich with stocks is hard enough to get rich with lottery, but impossible at low cost. And this is the origin of the word “make money” and not “make money”, different in that If we have little money, little capital, but want to make more money It’s not easy Let’s continue watching something fun.

Who are you in the stock market idol? Go to study the history well, how much wealth does he have to start growing?

I don’t confess. I am the one who actually doesn’t think of being rich. But had hoped enough to survive Grow by playing stocks only before Therefore studied like a power maniac With that calculation .. If growing 5% per year, how much is 10 years? How much is 5% per month? Has anyone ever thought of finance like this?…

For example,
imagine investing one hundred thousand baht and making compound profits. (Take profits to increase capital as well, will get more returns every year) continued for 20 years

  1. With 5% profit a year, you will have approximately 271,264.02 baht *
  2. With 10% profit a year, you will have approximately 732,807.36 baht *
  3. 15% profit per year, you will have approximately 1,971,549.35 baht *
  4. 20% profit per year, you will have about 5,282,753.06 baht *
    (* I use the automatic calculation program, there may be some errors according to the decimal rounding)

When we see a number of dream pictures like this, we will feel that Oh! Bigger, ten-fold, 50-fold ever. I give an example of one hundred thousand capital, which is quite a bit for many people. But it’s not that much either. With the status known as “make money”, there was a part of the illusion because it saw that there were some prominent people. Wealth comes with the stock market if you see or have an idol in the stock market. Who are you Study the history carefully. How much wealth does he have to start growing? And another item is wealthy because of how many years the stock, if not 5 years, I can tell you that it is not certain. Just the guys who came after the crisis  Most of the other groups start with millions of tens of millions as well. If you don’t start at first, you can top up later. Not ten thousand digits of the following, come back to our hundred thousand money Based on that number, let’s have a better explanation.

  1. If you take 20 years to make a profit of only 5% per year, that’s more than any other bank interest. And now and it is with immediate tax deduction But in the stock market, 5% is not that difficult. One day, it can be done immediately. And this is just a year Accumulated every year as compounded It may not be that difficult, right? But I asked if it took 20 more years to come. Are you satisfied? And I don’t bring money academics to cause pain. But take an example of the truth to easily see how  much money will be left in the next 20 years  or how much is a normal bowl of noodles today? DOUBLE IT? This means that this hundred thousand years and two hundred thousand in the next 20 years are probably the same. You have been doing 5% in 20 years, it might be a waste of time ..
  1. If you make 10% -15% more profit per year, it doesn’t look 7 times as bad as almost 20 times. Ask your heart if In the next twenty years with this much money Enough for life Or do you think it’s rich? Which is 15% per year that doesn’t seem difficult if you try to play in the market Some people may fail until they learn that 5% to pass the year is not easy, because this stock market, both passion, greed, anger, obsession, impermanence are complete, no different from the next.
  2. 20% every year, I can say that If you can do it very well and go from 100,000 to 5 million it is the result you deserve. But if you play a bit then you know that 20% of all of this is possible, how I never asked anyone to ever play. (In the market for at least two years New, sometimes with fluke) and he would tell you like Let me give you a single year or 3-5 years to stick. This is already very good like this, which also means that If you don’t want to spend 20 years because it’s too long, do it each year. Instead, like 30-40%, can the percentage be higher? Have a chance, but don’t miss it. And how many years should it be good enough? Take it easy ..

In conclusion with this concept of saving money Tell me, this is an illusion, like a government policy, beautiful and real. And don’t forget that if you “make money”, you won’t have time to wait 20 years for it.

Bet is a bet Don’t try to twist away.

It is not just ordinary stocks.

Many people have seen or know what is called the futures option (futures option), it is not. I know it is a lot. More than normal stocks I can say that it was born from the brokers’ way of earning money .. Someone might say, hey! It’s safety Risk insurance I’m not arguing, and if you buy it for that purpose, it gets a lot. Like trying to do it or not? In fact, one aspect of gambling is gambling. Don’t try to twist away. Even if there is anything to analyze Then thrust each other low and high If this is not a bet Football betting, it’s not. Because there is something to analyze the possibility as well. Or .. will be forex or a variety of new options. In the end, the problem is no different on the word low .. high ..

For one thing, people earn money. From this there are rich people. But take the truth that it is no different from entering a casino One time he got money And stop doing other things Definitely good life But you can go to gambling every day, every day .. can always be .. or? I think only the dealer has been able to get it every day since they have these systems. Stock brokerage companies are always good. If you think you accept that you bet and get a lot of money, then it’s worth it. Because it is not illegal !! .. The last of the last As I said, who has gained and has no waste? So he cheered that it is a good thing. Use my service a lot, you will be rich

How about investing in stocks, chart viewers, technicians, indicators?

It is useful It is from statistics But statistics are there to destroy Graph says that the factory is on fire, which techniques will help? I said too .. And it never? It is not a factory fire. North Korea threatened There were protests. Politics came up Or various events, seeing a broken pen And enough to enter Just a new technique to replace it. Try on Pantip website Sindhorn Sak Pee Room Will know it personally .. (really Nice to go and paste this article on thousands of tips as well.) Open training too Ngai doesn’t take time to play by myself, why waste time teaching (earning) this way? Because it cannot earn money quicklyHow much, it has to have millions or millions of capital, it will have good enough returns (not counting the risks), so he needs more money. (Here’s a favorable response to them) and it’s true. Much like what other aspirational writers do, there are some works that make a living this way. Because of what I did .. It may not give instant results. (Why teach others? I don’t know. P.S. Not all things and everyone)

Fund manager level, he uses graphs?

Well, as I said, it’s good, it comes from statistics, but be mindful, they use it as a tool. What they use is called “system” and it doesn’t use any techniques you know. Well, or just use it for a shallow textbook, such as a fund or someone who can level one. When you are very good, you can create your own system. So much progress will go to fund your own fund, but you think the fund is invested by other people, that is, “capital” is enormous. This is also a strategy for the money, because setting this up is not easy. But has many small advantages  And what is written here is that with a minor like us, it is the same story. Not from little money And get rich Don’t get lost in the point. I said the stock market is not for money !!!

And why do I still trade?

Actually wrote it in hand Until I arrived here, it was already very long. Cut into the summary better. Investing in stocks is a part of “managing money” . Make money work On your intelligence Have a lot, can invest a lot Having less, investing less is better than leaving it in the bank. Just open a deposit account in a stock account, more interest, just in case you call it. (This is a tip) but don’t expect to get rich from here. Or come to get money from here Don’t waste time thinking about shortcuts from the stock market. Because if you really get rich It’s hard to last You have to continue living with it. (Because at that time, I would definitely not want to do anything else) as I said Access to the casino every day, can be destroyed someday

Part of my direct experience, I left the market for a while, realizing that it was not a place to make money. Therefore don’t want you to waste your time But I still saw the benefit and therefore came back, even if it was a small investment. (If there is a lot, it is better to do other things first) ration that does not really need to be drawn It’s better than leaving it in the bank. Which turned out that the results were not difficult Because our vision improves. Incidentally, if I think that I only focus on myself So there is such a concept It’s hard to argue because it’s like that. But if you read carefully Considering all the reasons, it is self-contained, not necessarily related to my direct experience, and honestly, direct experience is just a confirmation …

More tips

In the list of millionaires Who is the top-ranked country or the world there are traders? (Not about just being a shareholder) …

Warren Buffett, yes, this one. But he did other things, had a large sum of money before. With many businesses And real estate What this tells me is no different from the rich of the world. Or the current business principle is “Doing business with a large company and growing until people are interested and then expand into the stock market It has increased both capital and value. “It is easy to see. Our current home has Ichitan, the owner of Noi, Seppe, and many people suffer from these stocks as well. I don’t know .. The owner does not play stock. But his stocks add value for him.

This is to help confirm that Entering the stock market It is a matter that comes later,  you have money and take it to manage it, you have a good business. Take it to add value to anything, but not to make money in the stock market .. Oh, there is the same, spinning the company into the stock market .. Off, plus some market gamblers are extinguished as well If you are in the industry at some point today, you know that there is a case like this as well. There is a very thoughtful story that the stock market (Thailand) is just an ornamental plant. But for this article This is enough.

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