The art of thinking outside the box

To become a successful entrepreneur in your field requires some – or a lot – of innovation and ingenuity, it requires you to have the skill to think outside the box, far from adhering to the usual standards and practices. Being creative means that you have the ability to come up with creative and unique ideas, and respond with flexibility and creativity to challenges. The difficult and problems facing your business.

The story of the e-commerce giant, Amazon, is one of the inspiring stories in the business world that unequivocally and literally make sense of what it means to think outside the box. In 1994, Jeff Bezos quit his job as Vice President of DE Shaw & Co. , A company on Wall Street, and he moved to Seattle where he began work on a business plan to launch the first online bookstore to sell books, at a time when the use of the Internet was not widespread among people, Bezos presented to many investors with the idea of ​​the Amazon site, but they refused under the pretext of limited use of the Internet in At that time, and because it was an unusual idea in their view, Amazon was then the idea of ​​the future, years later, Amazon diversified and moved to become the largest retail store in the world and the second largest company by market value 1, reaching in the first half of this year 777.8 billion dollars, immediately after Apple company.

 Thinking outside the box can make you the owner of a company with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars. How do you acquire the skill to think outside the box? Here are some ideas:

What is thinking outside the box?

It is one of the terminology widely used in work environments and it means thinking creatively out of the ordinary, and according to Wikipedia, thinking outside the box is a metaphor that means thinking differently or unconventional or from a new perspective, this phrase often refers to creative or new thinking, This term is thought to be derived from the management consultants of the 1970s and 1980s.

Who put your mind inside the box?

The box is not something that people are born with, Abraham Maslow says:

Creativity is a defining characteristic of all human beings at birth.

But many factors compete to place a person in a specific fund from the moment of birth, for example: family, environment, social norms, and the education system. Human awareness is directed in a certain way through education systems, but in the business world, other factors that differ that can put you inside the box are the most important of them:

  • The rules of the game in any industry that are set and defined by the big players, while the new entrants in the market must follow the rules of the elders, which makes the possibility of thinking of new ways and ideas to rebuild the boundaries of business in the market is difficult.
  • The experiences of others play an important role in placing a person in a limited fund. We tend to surrender to the ideas of high-ranking officials under the pretext of their experiences and expertise at work, but the context of their experiences may not be applicable at the present time. We can benefit from the experiences of others, but nothing prevents them from being modified. And thinking outside its limits.
  • Our assumptions play a large role in shaping the world around us, but they may be incorrect assumptions. A person should be trained to challenge assumptions by asking questions: Why? And why not?
  • If you are an employee of a company, some rigid cultures in some companies that do not accept thinking easily may impose a certain pattern of thinking on you.

Thinking inside the box impedes business growth and prevents it from adapting to the development and successive changes, if you want to develop your business do not let the environment in which you grew up, stereotypical education, preconceptions, assumptions, experiences of others, and the culture that you grew up in prevent you from thinking outside the box, here 3 Ideas to do that.

Reading should be a necessity

 One of the things I love about reading is that every book opens new vistas of knowledge and exploration – Bill Gates

To learn to think outside the box , reading should be a daily habit and necessity , there is still a firm belief among many of us that reading is a luxury or a secondary thing that we do in our spare time, scientific research confirms that reading is beneficial to humans on several levels, a study conducted at the University of Toronto revealed 2 Reading fiction books can help a person be more open and creative.

The common feature of successful people is that they read daily, hundreds of successful executives annually share lists of books that helped them get to where they are today, for example Bill Gates, the software and technology giant, does not abandon the habit of reading to enhance his understanding of the world. His blog every year on the list of books he read and benefited from, which amounts to 50 books annually 3 .

In an interview in The New York Times, Gates said: “These days, I can also visit interesting places, meet scientists, and watch a lot of lectures online,” “But reading is still the main way in which I learn all of the new things and test my understanding. .

This year, Gates says, I enjoyed reading Richard Dawkins’s book “The Magic of Reality,” which explains different scientific ideas and is aimed at teenagers. ”Although I already understood all the concepts, Dawkins helped me think about topics in new ways, if you couldn’t explain something. Simply, you don’t really understand it. ”

Warren Buffett also recommends, along with Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and many other successful personalities, several titles that have greatly influenced their lives and businesses.

Continuous self-learning

Education is what remains after what one learned in school – Albert Einstein

Formal education can give us the tools we need in order to become lifelong learners, but self-education gives us the tools necessary to become active and creative in various fields for life. There is a long list of the most successful people in the world who have relied on self-education to develop their creativity and in the business world. The most powerful companies and the most successful and wealthy entrepreneurs such as: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many … relied on themselves in developing their potentials, and they had a great deal of self-education skills in acquiring knowledge, which confirms that it is the key to real success.

Self-education is a vital part of individual growth and development, it focuses on building your awareness and knowledge, helps in developing talents, improving personal skills , and thus managing yourself effectively that pushes you to continuous motivation and inspiration, it helps you to be the best version of yourself, and contributes to enhancing thinking skills outside the box, By asking questions and trying to find innovative answers and solutions to problems.

Continuous learning is extremely important in stimulating the brain and maintaining its health. Working to develop yourself through continuous learning is not only necessary to improve yourself, but it can also help you achieve professional success, it opens new horizons for innovation and creative thinking,

You can learn more skills through the education sites spread across the Internet, for example, Hsoub Academy includes many lessons, explanations, questions and answers, and high-quality courses in various fields such as: entrepreneurship, programming, marketing … and others.

Building positive habits

There is no doubt that negative habits can greatly affect the creativity process, among the negative habits that can destroy creativity, for example: to surrender to others ‘views of you by believing that others’ opinion of you is your reality, to be characterized by habits of procrastination, delay, laziness, To compare yourself with others, to have great ideas without having the intention to implement them, fear of criticism, fear of failure … etc.

To enjoy the benefits of thinking outside the box, you should strive to destroy the habits that kill your creativity by building a set of habits and behaviors that enhance your creativity. PJ Fogg, a professor at Stanford University, developed a theory of how behaviors change. He described three reasons why people change their habits:

  1. Comprehension: the occurrence of something harmful to a person that leads to a change in his perception completely and forces him to change the behavior, for example: he gets the results of the tests and the doctor tells him that he has a specific disease, which forces him to change his diet.
  2. Changing the environment: When the environment around you changes, your behavior will be forced to change, for example: when you move from one job to another, you will have to make friends with a different group of people who have different habits and standards that affect your behavior.
  3. Small steps: You can change your behavior by making small changes to the desired behavior so that these small changes become part of your new behavior.

 How do you know that you are thinking outside the box?

  • You only use common rules to increase the productivity of your company, and add to it ideas of your creativity.
  • You love to experiment, learn, and do what you learn.
  • Don’t be afraid of change or new experiences.
  • It values ​​creativity and allows the free flow of different ideas in your company, and is open to any new ideas.
  • Always check what’s new in your field to discover innovative ideas.
  • You believe that the products or services that you have can always be improved upon.
  • Always strive to see and read various things that have nothing to do with your field of work.
  • Share your thoughts with others so that this allows you to make improvements to your initial thoughts.

Thinking outside the box is an acquired skill, but it requires that you be characterized by curiosity, resilience, courage, self-confidence, and openness to new ideas around you, your ability to innovate and solve the problems you face through thinking outside the box that can contribute to the success of your business.

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