People think and people do in SME business.

When writing business articles I rarely emphasize the term SME or small business. Both focusing on giving knowledge in this way This is because businesses called SMEs are partly defined as businesses with a small number of 50-200 employees and a sole proprietorship. That is not specific to one person, but not based on other companies. There are many business units and things like that. However, many businesses actually have one owner. So this article fits. Just set Or will be doing various businesses right here ..

The initial factors are often similar in many businesses that are created by just one or two people in the idea of ​​selling a particular product or service, it is called an idea or channel (Chanel). Or other, even if it is creative or not But caused an idea that included Thoughts from seeing opportunities (Opportunity)

 The model that the business was born and not born !!

Which when having an idea that is seen on an occasion Therefore an extension of action Become a store, partnership, growth company, or so, this is the form of most startups. But not always Because of the later form that makes The business doesn’t start Or not born !! .. It is ..

To think, there is an idea, an opportunity, but the problem will be that no one will do it! Until you can’t do as you think Lack of help for that Lack of knowledge of this Not have enough funds Or any other similar This is the most common pattern. That makes business Business is not born Or cannot start Believed that many people would be nodding along You probably thought that, yes, how could this happen? When not ready ..

When I knew Just come back and review This is the key factor. Is a turning point As a difference Just plan to deal with

But in all of those problems, there must be a “man to do it”, not just a lack of manpower. Lack of skills, people who will come to work as they think. Even if it is finance, there must be someone to do something. To solve this problem Of course, if someone did, the problem wouldn’t happen.

So this is not strange that There are many people who can think. There are few people who can do it. Or actually just Thinking but not taking action I believe people who have started it will find that not doing it is often a “excuse” to not do more than do more, do less, have to try first. By claiming not to do that Often caused by fear Or most of the internal factors

Business can start Aside from thinking already Must do too Especially starting from myself doing something

Not as much as this, because when doing so Can be started and what is lacking is still a “man to do” because of the fact that the business can come up It is considered that it began to grow from an idea to various things, the workload is increasing. Until the expansion of “Creating stability” for businesses will need a hand to help. Including talented people to help Many people who have passed here Will have the feeling that Want to split ten bodies I believe that many people are like this.

Someone did it but no one thought?

But when the business goes through the first period again The period of time depends on that business may be a few years until several years the business will begin to stay. Have working capital It is enough to answer and solve the problem of “people” . What is lacking instead is “people who think” Why is this? With no matter what business is It inevitably reaches a dead end of something, for example, there is no difference with the others. Start like everyone else Or others coming like us Until the need for expansion Tons that customers, sales, here are the points that should be called. “At first I didn’t think” because of the first idea or thought of the entrepreneur Just want it to happen According to one idea When it was born May not have thought, did not think in time, or did not think that he could continue to develop Or how to solve this stalemate problem
“Thoughts” are more difficult to create than “power”.From what used to be seen that Power in various fields, whether it be money or people, was a big problem at first, but one day this idea was not able to go anywhere. Even with the money to hire, but the word “smart” who has an idea can actually help the business. It’s not that it’s easy to find each other. 

This is not just the current problem. Or in the growth Including possibly having to deal with the future Businesses today that do not have a ton, there are tons of potential problems. This is a pattern that will happen to every business in the sense that the “people think and do people” I wrote in hope that it will be useful to “thinking” people .

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