Learn to make educational videos yourself and start preparing for your educational course or for a great marketing video for your company

With the advancement of technology, video has become an indispensable means of learning and explanation. In the field of marketing, the company will gain more customers if it relies on professional marketing videos. If you sell content on the web, video is an effective tool for increasing your success. Learn how to create engaging educational videos.

In a study, on the Statista website , conducted in 2017, a sample of the research included people from Asia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and other countries in North Africa and the Middle East, and the number of participants reached 4411, The following facts were found:

About 14% were from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or an estimated 618 people of those who were studied on them, who had studied online to obtain a specialization certificate through distance study or followed an educational course, course or online course.

Then the State of Qatar comes in second place among the Arab countries, with a percentage of 7% (about 309 people), the UAE and Tunisia in the same rank (6%, or 265 people), then Lebanon and Jordan (3%, or about 133 people).

This fact drives us to recognize the strength and grandeur of this sector and this model in education.

That is why we find more people deciding to invest in this market and give lessons online.

 The problem that many people face in this field is the difficulty of preparing attractive educational videos capable of making all the difference in the educational process as well as in the method of passing on knowledge, science and experience.

Especially also the topic of video editing and the applications and methods that can be used for this.

Whether you are an online teacher or planning to enter this field, you need to record video content. In this article, we will give you some unique tips to do so and be able to transfer your knowledge properly and in a creative manner.

Learn more about the educational video market and the video market

In this era, we find this generation is growing and thriving on consuming content in the form of videos instead of listening to and watching TV programs that have resonated in the past.

Before, the viewer had to attend everything that was published by the channel, with a predetermined timing by each channel. 

With the passage of time, this process has changed, and now every user has the ability to choose the material he wants to watch at the time he wants.

Besides, there are a lot of people who use two screens to watch TV. You might even be using your cell phone to consume other content while you watch TV.

The use of smartphones and modern devices is also increasing in the Arab countries, and they have become an essential part of daily life and watch all news and developments online via these devices.

As we heard, these laws came to protect rights, regulate matters and make them clear to all parties.

So, as we have seen, there are many options and alternatives to work in the field of profit from videos in addition to the field of YouTube, you must choose the field and start with the right way.

Reasons to work through attractive educational videos 

The videos are an educational and educational format that facilitates the assimilation of the content. Through images and sounds, it is possible to close and capture a student’s attention, with video editing resources. 

In addition, the dynamism in a lesson that contains a video plays an important role in making the student interact more with the content, and making him remember more of what was taught.

The useful thing is that the importance of videos goes beyond school boundaries, and includes teaching cooking, skills to play a musical instrument, learning a practical profession … Good videos can be prepared depending on few resources nowadays, as modern smartphones can capture images and make videos with high accuracy, quality and quality that You need it to create an online professional course . 

If you are familiar with the world of online courses, you know that video is the best mechanism for conveying content and knowledge clearly and engaging students who are watching you and interacting with you in real time. 

Since people may be excited to buy the course or course from you, you must provide high-quality, professional materials that are really worth buying.

So, besides providing great content, you must provide a great experience to your user, and this means that you need to take care of the video setting itself.

1- Plan carefully for the content and decide which format to use

You may have seen a teacher in a school or college who is fluent in all educational subjects but does not know how to convey the idea and information to students or is not proficient in the skill of arousing students ’attention. In fact, planning and testing content before it is released online can prevent exposure.

Assuming that you know exactly the target segment of the audience , and you know exactly the area for which you want to prepare the educational videos for it, create a plan that includes the main points about the paragraphs or areas that you will address within the topic, and then divide each sub-area or every point you wrote into a single educational video .

If it is necessary to group some of the main points within a portal, educational unit, extension unit, or class, I do not mind at all, but on the contrary, if this will help the student to understand and understand the general course of the educational course, this is very desirable and necessary.

Think objective, fair, and balanced: How many units of instruction are needed to present the information without making the material appear dense or tired?  

2- Take care of your heroine on camera as a lecturer or professor

It is essential that you be in good position in front of the cameras . But contrary to what many people think, this is not an innate skill to be born with as you master it, rather there are many techniques for you to learn this with practice and practice.

If you are a hesitant or a bit shy person, it is a good idea to start from this point, try to practice to get rid of shyness . Practice public speaking techniques and  use this to take some tests and analyze your performance with videos.

If you have a critical look, you will notice that the more you practice, the better you will perform. You can also ask a friend to rate you and identify points where you need to improve your performance.  

It is not sufficient for the teacher or presenter only to master the topic, but also to be able to talk about it. The more you master the topic in the course, the more natural your speech, posture, and performance in front of the cameras will be. 

And believe that you can gain the trust of your students more if you can make your situation and the look in which you appear to reflect that you are a reference in the field. The emotional engagement factor and the empathy of the audience will be a critical factor for success and the creation of engaging educational videos. 

Here are some general tips for improving your looks in front of the camera:

  • Don’t make a lot of gestures as you might distract the student. 
  • If you have a distinct accent, try to overcome this so that it does not hinder noticing and understanding the content.
  • Watch some tutorial videos on YouTube in advance to get advice from a professional in front of the cameras.
  • Do voice-over and stretching exercises before recording.
  • Use comfortable, neutral clothing. Of course, in this context you can – and should – maintain your natural personality in a way that does not distract the student’s attention or distract him from the main topic or skill that you teach them.

3- Create a structured and meaningful scenario for the instructional video

Now you must think about the style and conversation that will take place during the video, and for this it is necessary for you now to think about preparing a wonderful, practical and meaningful scenario that will lead you while presenting the information related to each of the educational videos.

You must match the wording of the message to whom you are speaking and want to reach.

If you do not know the style in which you will speak and the appropriate rhythm, you should do a research on the persona in order to understand more in depth what your audience is and its character.

This is one of the first steps in creating an online course . Take this step as quickly as possible!  

Even if you don’t use a prompt , you can create a scenario that contains your main points.

The scenario also helps you to maintain a consistent pace in your video tutorials as each educational video complements this scenario.

The script is the third step to ensuring that you create engaging educational videos. 

You don’t need to have a professional script with cinematic lighting, but the venue should fit the requirements of the video tutorial.

The clearer the environment and contains less equipment, the better. This is how you can catch the public eye on you and the content. 

Sitting or standing ??? It is best to find the method that is comfortable and appropriate for your type of content.

You can also combine the physics scenario with some settings or screen recordings, as we will talk in the next tips ..

The important thing is to have a script that includes all the visual resources that you will have in the video tutorial.

4- Prepare the necessary tools and equipment

Above all, you need a video tool ( camera with SD card), audio (with microphone ) and good lighting . 

The tools do not need to be the most professional in the market, just guarantee a high or very good quality to create attractive educational videos 

If you don’t have any of the right materials, rent or borrow from a trusted friend. Also, it will be necessary to have someone present to supervise the recording and make sure that the lighting is adequate, as well as the sound.

5- Edit the videos after shooting them

The ideal is a video editor, someone who has knowledge in the field of video editing and can enter the technical assets for the program.

If your budget does not allow you to hire such a professional, do not lose hope. On the internet you can find many how-to guides for learning how to edit.

Spend enough time on editing, as this work is very important for the final results of your learning materials. 

In this case, it is best to research the tools provided to determine which one works best for you. 

At the end of this article we have a post that talks about the most important video editing applications, you can read it, among these applications we mention Windows Movie Maker is available with Windows systems, and  iMovie for Mac computers.

There are also some paid apps, including Sony Vegas or Premiere, but they give you more options. 

6- Add creative elements to the videos

You can also add resources and visuals that can add value to your video tutorial and really help you create engaging educational videos.

You should have a funny character, icons and a text box, for example, consider also adding subtitles , soundtracks, voice over in some cases, … examples are too many.

These complementary media help you gain attention, as well as make your digital products more enjoyable. If you do not have any skills in developing these accessories on the videos, it is best to hire a specialist. 

7- Use screencasts as an alternative

The screen recordings or screencasts educational videos but are based on recordings taken from the computer screen.

You can merge the content, using this recording as a supplement to the educational video. You can also prepare the entire educational video from these recordings, but use this option only if the content contains many explanations on the computer.   

8- I am hosting your educational course on an online platform

After the course is finished and ready, it is time to put the course up for sale! 

Great caution must be exercised at this stage, because it is important that you choose a distance learning platform that includes many of the necessary resources to start your business and help it grow.

There are paid tools and free tools as well as in our platform Hot – Mart . 

Basically, in Al-Maqq platform, you need the following:

  • Trusted payment system:

You must rely on a reliable payment system because it helps you to accept most financial deals or transactions, and is able to deal with various logos and brands of bank credit cards, and this is done automatically.

  • Automatic content delivery

When payment is accepted, the customer obtains the access data to the course in order to start studying or learning.

  • Tools and equipment for tracking and monitoring

So that the platform will help you learn more about your customers, and the conversion rate conversion derived from the sales pages you have, and you can detect the possibility of the arrival of some people or potential customers to the payment page and try to buy back down , but at the last moment about it.

By building on such metrics and numbers, you can devise marketing strategies and plans that help you reclaim these customers and make them come back to buy.

  • Support for the trainer or course owner 

It is important that the platform that you choose to host the course includes a support team for the trainer, who will help you in answering your questions while using the platform, or in the event that you encounter some problems, to help you solve them, and it is best if this support is available in the language that you speak .

  • Customer or learner support 

The trainer needs support and assistance as well as the client, student, or learner as well. Especially with regard to access to content or to recover money from buying a course or educational course in case it is not consistent with the promise and purpose of it and announced by the trainer or professor. In such cases, the platform is bound to help you to satisfy your customers and students.

  • Membership area or space to publish and host content

If you want to organize the content within educational units and attractive educational videos, then the platform that you choose must be equipped with a virtual space or virtual space so that students can comment on the educational material, and help you to add some additional educational content and materials, provide a certificate of completion of the course or course Educational, and follow up the progress of learners or students. 

  • Affiliate program or marketing of courses and courses by affiliate

Joining an affiliate program is very beneficial for your educational business, as you can in this case rely on other people who will market your educational courses and courses that you prepare online.

9- Market and promote educational content

After you have hosted the course on an online platform and is ready to sell, you now need to focus on marketing and promoting the content in the course or course.

You should do it aimed at your ideal audience.

If you have a accurately drawn profile picture of a potential client or ideal customer for your business, you will know exactly how to direct your promotional business and you will build on that as a basis for your marketing work.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can consider relying on an affiliate program or affiliate marketing a good way to start, especially if you haven’t made any sales on the Internet before.

Parallel to this, work on developing other promotional works, for example try to take advantage of content marketing technology and write important topics and articles (if you have a blog ) explaining the importance of studying and getting to know your field of work, then put a link that leads to the payment page for the course on the chosen platform.

You can also rely on social media, email marketing, funded ads, and more.


As I read in this article, it is certain that the world is increasingly turning to the market for educational courses and courses, and profit from them, especially since it is not limited to school or university educational materials, but includes any skill or experience in this life, right up to cooking and teaching chess. .

Our last advice to you is to start and learn from your experiences, do not wait for you to prepare an educational course with wonderful videos the first time, it is enough to start in this field and with time you learn and gain more experience.

Share your opinion or questions with us in the comments space below the article and we will answer.

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