Is it time to redesign your company logo?

The Coca-Cola logo was designed in the late eighties of the nineteenth century, but over the course of 130 years of Coca-Cola’s history, the company logo has been redesigned more than 7 times as one of the company’s strategies in building and renewing its brand. The logo is the point of contact between the customer and the brand . The company logo to different reactions among customers, between supporters and opponents, but it remains a big idea that needs courage and should be carefully thought out before the company spends huge money on redesigning a new logo that may be disapproved of by the customer audience.

Although the audience’s initial reaction to the logo redesign may be rejection, but they will end up accepting it permanently or completely rejecting it completely, and it may put the company on the list of worst attempts to change the company logo , in the end, Instagram, Netflix, Pizza Hut … and others, the change that occurred in the corporate logo, but companies such as Gap, Uber, AirBnB, Starbucks … and many others were subjected to criticism and indignation because of the change of the company logo, which prompted Gap to abandon the new design only one week after its launch and return to Old emblem; Because of a violent attack by Internet users on the company, uber was forced to present explanations of the voices about the new and strange logo ..

It does not mean that redesigning the company logo will be impossible or completely unacceptable, but, in fact, there should be good reasons for making such a major change that may harm one of the most important elements in the visual identity that will remain stuck forever in the minds of the public about your company. .

Is redesigning a company logo risky?

“Reed Montag”, an American neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine, conducted a test on the brand’s cultural identity . He scanned the volunteers’ brains when they consumed two different soft drinks without revealing the identity of the drinks. There was no preferential reaction on the part of the volunteers. Revealing the Coca-Cola logo in the drink Their brains showed an initial preference for Coca-Cola regardless of the type of beverage they were drinking during the test.

What scientists discovered is that the brain takes short shortcuts when it processes information, the more it recognizes a symbol, such as the logo of a favorite brand, the more quickly the decision is made with less anxiety. And on brain responses.

When customers become familiar with the company logo, they become more attached to it, and modifying it can have an unexpected effect on the brand itself and on the way the consumer perceives it, so it was natural that most attempts to redesign the company logo for international brands were met with rejection and anger from the most loyal customers. Especially, but of course there are instances when re-designing the company logo becomes necessary, including:

Logo redesign is essential when company strategy changes

On January 5, 2011, Starbucks officially announced that it will amend its historical logo that has been in existence for more than 19 years. This announcement came just three months after Gap Clothing Company tried to change the company logo, which led to great discontent on the part of customers and failure in Changing their old logo Because of consumer outrage and grumbling comments on the company’s Facebook page, clothing stores are quickly reverting to the original design.

Since its establishment in 1971, the coffee giant has undergone multiple changes to its logo, but the last change has angered customers, as the English alphabet was discarded and only the image of the mermaid was preserved. “Qahwa” meant that Starbucks would not remain a company that only sells coffee anymore, but would expand its product offerings and sales methods to new distribution channels.

The logo is outdated

Even if your company records the highest sales, you may discover that the logo has become old and less attractive and you need to re-design the company logo, the simplicity in design has become attractive to consumers more than ever before, it is possible that after the passage of time some lines, shapes, or color combinations in The company logo is not appropriate for the development of the tastes of modern users, and you may discover that the company logo needs to be simplified more.

After 30 years, the famous restaurant chain, Wendy’s, announced the change of its old logo, to a simpler one that revealed a more free look with a softer font and brighter colors, the old logo was more complex with its colors and fonts, while the new logo won the approval of observers and consumers, and the changes included 6000 Location in North America It is clear according to the Associated Press that restaurants that have already undergone renovation saw a 25% increase in sales .

Your business is evolving and the logo no longer fits

You may have to redesign the company logo to reflect the development of the company, if the old logo does not fit the new direction of the company, in the beginning Nokia was not a mobile phone company, it started in 1865 in Finland as a company to manufacture rubber and cables, then the paper industry in 1968, and so on. The Finnish company added new products along the way, and changed the company logo until it launched the first mobile phone in 1984, and became the leader in developing mobile phone network technology, Nokia has retained its new logo that reflects its dominance in the mobile world since 1978.

There are many reasons that might push companies to redesign the company logo, such as merging two companies into one company, redesigning the logo after a disaster and damaging the company’s reputation, a complete change of business activity and the logo no longer displays the correct image… etc of the reasons.

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