How to write an “about us” page professionally

When you start designing an electronic identity for your company, relying on the quality of the images and the splendor of the designs will certainly not be enough, it is necessary to invest in the power of the word. Profile, with high professionalism.

The importance of the “About Us” page, which is the most important part of any company’s profile, is that it serves as the CV of the establishment. It introduces your company to others, to your clients and potential clients, and to curious visitors who were led by finding a link to the company’s website somewhere, or by their drivers. Search in order to knock on the site door in order to see: What are you offering, who are you, when did you start, what are you doing, and how do you do it professionally?

“My belief is that you have one chance to make a first impression,” Kevin McCarthy said

When the visitor clicks on the “About Us” page link, he gives you the opportunity to talk to him for a few seconds, so your conversation should be interesting and interesting. Imagine that you are in a meeting with a customer to convince him to buy the products or services provided by your company in a limited time, so that you can and in the best way. From:

  • Talk about what distinguishes you from others and why you are unique.
  • Inform the public of all activities related to your business.
  • Answer the questions they ask, an answer that meets their needs.
  • Review your team profiles and their skills.

The page must be compelling, as it shows to the website visitors how professional your company is, which gives you a greater opportunity to enhance the confidence of existing customers, convert visitors into customers, and leave a good impression on investors, so what will make your company’s “About Us” page a wonderful and ideal page?

Use storytelling

Bernadette Jiwa says: If you don’t have a story then you are just another good!

Behind each brand is an interesting story that others especially love to hear, using storytellingWriting a “Who We Are” page is a smart strategy to attract the attention of visitors. Thousands of companies spend millions of dollars annually to create advertising stories that inspire consumers. If you have a realistic story with interesting facts, or an inspiring and different story, use it to write an “who we are” page, to prove That your company is not just another commodity like the rest of the commodities in the market and it is unique, and to allow visitors from actual and potential customers to approach you more and trust you, perhaps the story of your establishment of the company is similar to their stories in the search for the products or services that you provide, what will excite them to hear it more, you must carry The story is strong messages, in simple and transparent language. The “about us” page should not be a blog or article, nor your point of view or the view of the marketing department, or that the story you tell on the page be boring, pushing visitors to close the page and leave the site, just tell them In the language they understand, how it happened and became what you are now, what are you doing and how you are doing it, why should they buy from you, and who are these peopleWho stand behind the scenes of the company with you.

People love stories, what is more interesting than telling your website visitors about your company and its beginning, and what services you and your team provide, in an exciting story template?

 Show the human side of your company

It does not necessarily mean that you run an institution that provides humanitarian or volunteer services, in order to have a human side for your company, it is true that you sell services or products, but in the end you offer something that benefits the community, otherwise it would not be sellable, so no one buys things that are not useful, it is important To use the human side in writing an “about us” page, and to address visitors in a format that shows the extent of your brand’s interest in changing their lives for the better and making things easier for them. It is imperative that you show how your company meets the emotional needs of the audience, and how it touches and affects the lives of other people, automatically and in a compatible manner To believe, it is informal or contrived, and without boisterous or cliched phrases.

It is also important that the “Who We Are” page includes an introduction to the people who strive with you to achieve the company’s goals and they are members of the work team, with an indication of their skills that they use to meet customer expectations, their hobbies, and some daily activities that they practice (some of them like basketball, travel, drinking coffee. …) Mentioning these things shows clients that they are communicating with real, cute people.

Showing the human side of your company touches the emotions of visitors, and makes you surrounded by an audience loyal to your commercial currencies, who feel that they are dealing and being addressed by people who know what they need and seek to provide solutions and benefits to them constantly.

 Be fresh

The world is always renewing. Is it reasonable that you have not changed the “Who We Are” page of your company, which you adopted five years ago? Or did your company not develop and remain stagnant since its inception and the launch of the site.

There are always new and exciting stories happening, or old stories were told that need to be told in more exciting ways, there are goals that have been achieved, other goals articulated in your company, ideas that have changed, new skills and ideas were discovered, new plans and new products were designed, your company may have evolved a lot since last Once you updated the site and its content, it is possible that the work team has changed some of its members, and may enter new markets and target a new audience of customers, make periodic changes in the content of the page you provide, it always appears to visitors that you are a renewed person and open to the changes that occur in the market, and ready To keep up with all that is new.

Try to talk about your company today on the “About Us” page. For example, five years ago, Google is not Google today. It has become under the name of another company (Alphabet inc). Its products have evolved and have a large number of new services that they provide to millions of customers around the world. The number of its employees varies from year to year.

Hire a content writer

Perhaps writing is not one of the tasks that you like to do, or it is possible that you are an online store owner who knows well how to manage buy and sell deals, or the owner of an engineering office who is skilled in design and decoration, or a lawyer you have a law firm who knows how to solve the most difficult cases, but you do not have time to think In writing an “Who We Are” page, or you just don’t have enough skill to write a great page.

Professional content writers know how to provide creative content that achieves the best results for your brand, and they write page content with different eyes and amazing ideas, so it is imperative that you assign the task to people who are good at doing it to the fullest of content industry experts who can help you. (Dozens of experts in the industry The content can help you.

It is important that you make sure in the content of the “about us” page of your company’s website, that it is exceptional, and different, and that your customers surprise your customers with all that is unexpected. Hundreds of thousands of companies’ websites write similar profiles and cloned “about us” pages. Be unique of your kind, get unforgettable content.

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