How to raise standards to achieve big goals

We all strive for success and success is the product of achieving goals, by setting goals and achieving them we can measure any progress we make in personal and professional life. Goals are a benchmark for comparison and setting them that gives us the ability to focus on what we want to do, and it helps us to overcome hesitation, procrastination and delay in our work, While focusing on it helps us develop our motivation; It is possible that we possess many capabilities, capabilities and talents, but success cannot be achieved unless we put the goals in the right frame in pursuit of them.

Everyone sets goals, but few people succeed in achieving the goals that they set. Have you ever wondered about the difference between people who are able to achieve goals and others? How can big dreams come true? In fact, raising standards is an essential part of achieving goals, in order to reach your big goals in life, you must first work to raise standards, in addition to the clarity that smart goals give to our plans for success, in this article we will know how raising standards can be a complete approach to achieving Big goals.

“One person who believes in his abilities and insists on achieving his goals is stronger than 99 people who only have aspirations” John Stewart

Achieving goals begins with raising standards

The personal standards that you set are reflected in the achievement of goals and the quality of work, and on the quality of what you will get later as well. Somerset Momme says: “Perhaps one of the wonders of life is that if you reject everything that is below the top, you always reach it. “If your criteria are to get a C’s, the result will be that you will get a C’s. The lowest standards do not achieve great results, so successful people have higher standards compared to others, and they begin to develop discipline to create behavioral habits that achieve long-term, sustainable success. .

When you set high standards, you raise your expectations, you expect more of yourself, you expect to take more and bigger steps, and you will spend more effort to get the desired results. Low standards usually lead to low results, so the standards should match your personal goals.

How to raise standards so that it meets your plan to achieve goals? Here are the most important steps:

1- Clarity of vision

The main reason for failure to achieve goals is the lack of clarity of the vision about the goal. Many of us believe that it sets clear and effective goals, but have we allocated enough time to develop a clear vision about our goals?

What do I want to achieve? What am I seeking to be by achieving this goal? What behaviors must I adopt in order to achieve the goal? What new habits do I need to learn?

Whatever goal you pursue, the answers to these questions are the ideal way to develop a clear vision of that goal.

Every year, INC magazine publishes a list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States. The list is filled with companies of all sizes, operating in all industries, and one of their most common features is a clarity of vision for what they want to achieve and accomplish.

Clarity of vision should be a priority when it comes to achieving goals. Do not imagine your goal from the limited perspective of your reality now, but from the future perspective of the desired reality, broad to make your vision as real and tangible as possible.

2 – Commitment to go half way

“Desire is the key to motivation, but determination and commitment to actively pursue your goal – commitment to excellence – will enable you to achieve the success you seek.” Mario Andretti

Commitment is the biggest challenge in achieving big goals, we often all find it difficult to persist in the pursuit of the big goals that we set. Many give up on their goals when faced with obstacles, which are a test that is put in our way to make sure that we are determined to achieve the goals.

Success in achieving goals requires discipline, hard work, perseverance and will, what distinguishes successful people is their full commitment to achieving goals and achieving success, although they face failure like everyone else, but what distinguishes them more is the ability to return to the right path and learn from their mistakes immediately, and the ability To try again and again until success is achieved and the goals they seek, by developing an internal design, and an internal dialogue that constantly nurtures a commitment to the images, states of mind and beliefs that promote success, that commitment has the power to eliminate any external doubts or obstacles that stand in their way while pursuing their goals Could Edison, for example, have succeeded in inventing the light bulb had he not failed 10,000 times?

3 – Find the motivation to succeed

“A year ago you would wish you had started today,” Karen Lamb

According to the study conducted by Dr. Anders Erickson , motivation is the most important indicator of success, motivation is an internal or external drive that pushes one to work to achieve goals and achieve success, in more simple terms: Knowing why you want to achieve what you want to achieve?

Many fears stand as a stumbling block on our way towards achieving goals, such as fear of failure, fear of change, fear of trying. These reasons are usually more than enough for us to retreat from our plan for success, but overcome those fears and find the motivation to change. In addition to taking the necessary steps to achieve the required standards that help achieve results, find the main force that gives you the motivation to achieve your goals. High motivation enhances your passion and guarantees complete preparation, which in turn will lead to great results.

Maintain a clear mental picture of what your goals mean and what success means to you. Surround yourself also with people who embrace the change you desire and tend to achieve the high standards you intend to achieve. These can be an inspiration to help you move forward, whatever the obstacles.

4 – Develop new habits

If you decide to raise the standards, you have to look for the new habits that you should acquire in order to achieve the goals that you want, adhering to the same habits over and over again, will usually lead to the same result, not better, to introduce any real improvement, you need to raise your standards every day.

Many of your current daily tasks are your usual tasks, you may have been doing them for months or even years, and some of them may have stayed with you since childhood, the key to achieving success with high standards is creating healthy daily habits that bring you closer to your goal.

Replace negative habits with positive habits, then reinforce the positivity through continuity.Do not try to change all habits at once, be realistic and focus every time on one habit, set yourself achievable goals that you can easily reach through habits that you can implement without difficulty, and it will require you Gaining some habits. Making some changes in your environment, perhaps you want to work more productively, for example; Therefore, you will have to allocate a neutral space in the home to make your office separate from any other distractions.

“If you do not have goals, you will work to achieve others’ goals.”

Depending on the size of the goal, it is a good idea to focus on small steps every day to get you closer to your goal. Divide the big goals into smaller ones, by gradually developing positive little habits.

It is illogical for the process of raising standards to be easy and immediate, as does the desire to achieve goals, and the pursuit of success requires time and progression, effort, perseverance and continuity, with small steps daily towards change, learning from failure and mistakes, and gradually making the necessary adjustments to our behaviors. Over time, these small adjustments make a big difference in the quality of the results we will get.

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