How to anime my mind

Asking tough questions

Asking questions related to existing topics and issues helps broaden the horizon, increase farsightedness, the ability to see things and possibilities from different angles, and find solutions to them using several methods, and this can be expressed in the development of strategic thinking, which depends on the method of asking difficult questions.

Take time to think

Contributing to the issues raised strategically and effectively requires devoting more time to thinking with a clear mind away from everything that may cause distraction and lack of focus, and the person needs to take the initiative to start the discussion and take on difficult questions in an impersonal way by focusing on issues and not people, in addition to the necessity Arranging tasks and issues in order of priority and importance; To avoid negatively wasting time.

Connect existing ideas

Creative thinking is based on linking the original existing ideas with each other to form a new idea. Even intelligence comes from the physical brain connections, which means that creativity and intelligence can be achieved through creating relationships between ideas and obtaining new scenes.

The messy environment

Despite the strangeness of the idea, one of the studies has shown that having an office or a chaotic environment while thinking has an effective effect on developing creative thinking among individuals. In addition, the individuals participating in this study showed a more tendency towards producing ideas that are far from the classic when they are in An untidy environment

Importing ideas from others

The exchange of ideas and opinions with others through team formation helps to form an advanced creative thought; Looking at the major technology companies such as Microsoft or Google, it is evident that the emergence and development of these companies was the harvest of several ideas for a group of people who generated the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese innovative projects, and the delivery of this product to the investors and the public, and it is clear from this that the main effort to come up with creative and innovative ideas depends on the basis of excitement. Ideas among a group of people, discussing and improving them, and asking questions to obtain the desired final result

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