How do I attract people with my words

The art of attracting others

The wise men came to an important truth and set it as a basic basis for success in the fields of human relations, and winning the love and affection of people. And through the observations and observations they have; It is that a person must love for his brother what he loves for himself, so whoever follows this rule has achieved wide success in his life at all levels, but whoever neglects this rule and does not care about it, he has failed in his relationships and dealings; The teachings of religion and the history of the great encourage people to deal lovingly with others, and work to draw their attention to it. And that is with good treatment, and this is what psychologists and clerics have agreed upon. Man is a social being who cannot live alone without others, and whoever lived alone and alone, far from others, has included himself in the resources of perdition.

How to attract people to talk

Nido Cobain mentioned many methods that help the individual attract the attention of others to him with his words, including:

Choosing the right words: Words have an effect on a person’s reflection on others, as they are either a cause of his success and excellence, or they are a cause of self-destruction and failure, and words are the tool that the individual uses in his relationships. It is the means of communication with others in various different areas of life, which the businessmen consider the means through which goods and products are marketed, and it is also used to direct the individuals in charge of business, and thus it is the tool through which money is earned, and the way a person uses his words affects People think about it. He who uses strong, fluid language in phrases, and follows the grammar of the language, his influence on others and attracts their attention in a greater way than someone who uses poor grammar in his phrases.
Attention to body language: the individual communicates with others when sitting with them in a wordless language of communication called body language, for the psychological state of a person, his clothes, jewelry, facial expressions, and the nature of his voice are all indicators that give information about the individual’s marital status, financial or family status, Or gender; The voice of a person denotes things beyond his limits of words, as it indicates the nationality of the individual, his territory, and the tone of the voice indicates the extent of a person’s joy and sadness, and whether he feels excited or bored.
Good listening: good listening by the individual provides many benefits to the person, such as: benefiting from what a person has heard, and by listening well, he shows interest in whoever speaks before him, and listening indicates that the person participates in the process of communication that does not take place with the ears only, if the person listens with his ears only, why The communication process is carried out effectively, and a good listener keeps his eyes open during the listening process, Jerome says: (No one bothered to talk to a listener who has no intention of hearing).
Choosing the appropriate presentation method: Choosing an individual’s way of presenting a specific topic is the means by which information and messages are sent to others, and the goal is to reach the maximum benefit from the information and attract others, and therefore; Whoever wants to send specific messages or clarify information should choose the most effective method, and the one that has the most impact on the listening audience, and from advice that helps a person to choose the appropriate method, choose the means that corresponds to the image that the individual wants to display and clarify, and also advice is that The medium is appropriate for the audience to which the information will be displayed, and the medium used must suit the purpose for which the message was sent.
Overcoming obstacles: it is very appropriate to make the talker fit to raise a topic; In order for the listening audience to be in harmony with the information it provides, the sound must be wonderful, and the timing chosen must be perfect, and also the audio and visual means must be compatible with each other, and in this way the tools used become more influential, the speech more attractive, and the audience remains The speaker participates throughout the period of his speech, and it may happen that the person finds some obstacles on the way to his success; However, the successful and skillful speaker anticipates the obstacles that may encounter him during the conversation, and tries to avoid them or find appropriate solutions to them.

Unleash the latent power: Everyone possesses the supernatural powers that make their owners distinguished by special talents and numerous abilities, as it is not as it was previously believed that it is a gift to a specific group of people, given by God to them and not others, but rather they are forces present in the human soul that come with continuous training and resilience, which is represented in Releasing the strength inside the human being, which gives him the ability to read the thoughts of others, influence them and attract their attention. However, these powers differ in degrees from one person to another, as they depend primarily on what man possesses in terms of talents and abilities, and secondly it depends on the ability of man to develop these talents and abilities that he has. Man’s neglect of his capabilities leads to their atrophy, weakness and inactivity, so they remain latent within the human soul. .
Self-control: if the individual wants to be influencing others and attracting their attention, he must control himself in the first place, which is called self-suggestion. Where the individual works to control his tongue in terms of eloquence, clarity in language and thought, excellence in rhetoric, ability to express and objectivity in proposition, and exploit all available means and methods; To influence others, attract them to him, and thus work to achieve the required goals calmly and steadily, this is the case for the great and people of high determination who were able to achieve themselves.

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