How did he become famous in school

the fame

Fame is a word that denotes a person or thing widely known to people, and a famous person enjoys many social relations wherever you go, and in order for a person to be famous, there are several things that he must do, such as the participation of the people around him in their work, and keen interaction With them in all the events that happen with them; Fame does not come from a vacuum.

How a student becomes famous in school

Many students are interested in being famous in their school, but in order for each student to succeed in achieving this, he must make his personality popular and acceptable among people, as the beloved person is the one who encourages people to approach him. Because he is keen to smile in the face of everyone he meets, is attentive to everyone around him and is good at listening to them. Therefore, in order for the student to succeed in being famous among his schoolmates, he must possess the following skills:

To be noticed

Attention is an important skill that a student must possess in order to become famous; There are different ways to get attention, including:

Self-declaration: It is the student’s excellence with the skills that make him fill his own space in the school, and this method makes the students around him desire his company, and the student can make a good impression on others when avoiding frowning and walking alone in the school; This is so that students do not think that it is too difficult for them to be next to him. Therefore, the student must be smiling and able to integrate with the surrounding community, and enjoy every moment he spends in school.
Doing something special: the student appears to be different and distinct from others, and this contributes to determining the nature of the fame that he wants. If he is able to play a musical instrument such as the guitar, then there is nothing wrong with that student being famous for carrying his guitar all the time, and that person can be the owner The smile and the distinctive laugh that everyone knows because of his lightness and cheerfulness, and he may also become famous by his dress; By being distinguished by a specific form of clothes, and a distinctive haircut, provided that his clothes and general appearance are not vulgar.
Joining a sports team: It is another way to make a student famous in school, and joining a sports team does not include achieving health and physical benefits only, but rather helps the student build more friendships, thus increasing his fame in the school in all its circles, and sports is a good way to help Learn group communication skills, and how to deal with all personalities, and it is not required that the student be the best in the sports club or the best among the practitioners of sports, but his main goal should be the ability to expand his knowledge and have more friends in his social circle.
Volunteering in clubs for different activities: Participation in various school activities, whether scientific or literary, would give the student seeking fame greater opportunities to get to know new students. Even if he has other interests, such as learning languages ​​and debate, and it is important to strive to lead these activities to have a special advantage among students, so that he is known and famous as well, and the more other students know about him, the more he is able to draw their attention to him, and enjoying time with a group Having different individuals is the magic key to achieving fame.

Building many friendships

Building and forming many friendships is one of the means that help the student to become famous, and he can build friendships by enjoying a likable and social personality in dealing with others, so he must communicate respectfully with others and provide assistance and services without waiting for anything in return. Anywhere he was.

Sincere concern for others supports the student’s fame. Even if it is a simple interest that appears through good listening to them during their conversation, as well as by asking about their opinions on various topics, such as inquiring about sports teams and their opinion on them, these questions make them feel that the student is interested in them.

A student’s fame is only achieved by interacting with the various students of the school, and this helps him to learn different and new things from them. This helps the student to master the short conversations that promote easy and comfortable conversation with others, and they, in turn, will feel comfortable while talking with the student, especially in the first stage of acquaintance. Also, the ability to draw a smile on the faces of other students has an important role in forming many friendships. In order to make the student more famous in school, it is necessary to use the moments to make others laugh while communicating with them.

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