Do you think you could increase your sales during the holy month of Ramadan? Learn more about it!

every year and everyone is fine !! Today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, it is known that the movement of markets and buying and selling increases during this holy month. But in light of the rather difficult circumstances in which we live, the question of merchants, businessmen and everyone increases: How do I sell more during Ramadan?  You may also be thinking about this important matter and hope for an increase in sales …

The circumstances are a bit difficult, we know, but there is a way out. There must be smart and useful strategies and advice that are keen to draw more attention to your business or your site on the Internet, especially if you are marketing your business through the virtual medium.

Keep reading this article and it will give you 15 golden tips 

How do I sell more during Ramadan? 15 helpful advice 

1- Prepare the sales team in the best possible way

Ramadan is a period when people are more buying.

As a result of an increase in the number of buyers, whether in physical or virtual stores, your sales team may feel a sense of confusion and discomfort.

If you really want to sell more, it is essential that you train your sales team on this and prepare it for all possible situations and circumstances that they may encounter.

To do this, you can set up training sessions for your workers in which you familiarize them with all the details and smart business strategies, and about the best ways to act in some of the likely circumstances.

We leave another article for you on the top ten useful team coaching tips, click here .

2- Attend non-missed shows on merchandise

To be able to sell more during Ramadan, set up special and distinctive offers for your target audience.

The beginning of the holy month and the first days of the week are the best periods for submitting a new offer, as people are more willing to buy since they have recently obtained their monthly salary. You should take advantage of this opportunity before people quickly spend everything in their pockets and leave useless!

But the offer you present must be useful and distinct from the rest of the offers in order to actually attract people to buy, as you know, the behavior of the digital consumer today, especially Generation Y , has become somewhat different, the idea of ​​offers on the Internet made the consumer more difficult to persuade and requires the businessman to think creatively to obtain innovative ideas Characteristic .

You must explain to the customer that the offer is available for a limited time and that he may benefit more if he made the purchase before such a date … or leave him testimonials from those who tried this offer and benefited … These are distinctive strategies in offers, know them .

3- Make special offers related to payment

If you are wondering: “How do I sell more during Ramadan”? You must be wondering how to get people to pay you as quickly as possible, and for this, think about some strategies that can affect people’s decision to buy and pay now, and if possible in cash or cash …

For example, try to put a reduction of about 8% if the customer pays in cash. Of course, try before that to study the pricing policy for the products so that it guarantees a good profit margin.

Let us help you with two articles on this topic:

For example, you can announce a 55% discount on the price of the second piece if the customer buys two pieces together… The options are many .. But always focus on the distinctive method that can make the customer prefer to pay immediately.

4- Provide more than one possibility and payment method

This is very important if you have a store or are marketing your business online .

In normal stores, it is known that people become more busy, and a customer may forget money and remain only with his credit card, if the payment option is not available by bank card, you may run the risk of losing this customer … right?

It is necessary, as much as possible, to provide more than one method and method that the customer can choose between them to pay. The more methods and options you have, the more sales you get, and you will come out excellently in this blessed month.

Also, study the possibility of coming up with options to transfer money to your account, all of which will help you attract purchasing traffic. 

This advice is even more important if you sell on the Internet. As you know, selling by credit or debit cards is the most popular payment method on the Internet, especially after the possibility of creating a virtual card only to buy online, a feature that banks secure. Pay attention to all of this to earn well.

5- Try to influence the customer’s decision to buy

Have you noticed some advertisements that seem to speak to you directly and are calling you from afar?

“The last opportunity to buy is today before the Maghrib azan”… “The offer is very limited until the quantity runs out on the table”… “The offer is linked to the arrival of the first 100 customers to the store” … etc.

All of them are useful methods that can help you to sell more, the idea is to persuade the customer, if you want to learn more skills in the field of persuasion, read this article that provides you with 14 tips .

Focus on the customer’s need, remind him of it, and base your rational arguments on it that greatly affect his decision to buy. Try to show him how what he will buy can actually help him solve the problems or goals that he dreams of achieving, and about this particular idea, we will talk in the following advice.

6- Try to focus on the customer’s needs

If you are wondering: “How do I sell more during Ramadan” wonder before that about the methods and methods that help you reveal your customer’s needs, desires, dreams, projects, conditions that help him shine in society… all of them are circumstances that greatly affect the customer’s decision and make you really close to Sell ​​to him.

Then all you have to do is direct your marketing strategies to these foundations.

We will provide an example to illustrate this idea:

If you have a store that sells natural juices, you can use the period of the holy month to prepare advertisements for selling juices based on the idea that fresh and natural juice is the best help for the body to compensate for the lost fluids and vitamins, restore its balance and energies and strengthen its immunity … (Try to show the potential customer already that it is It needs juice).

Another example:

Assuming that you sell educational courses to teach music, think about the possibility of preparing an advertisement about the possibility of teaching the oud to play some of the religious tunes for the month of Ramadan . People need such types of songs during the holy month. Don’t you see this as an opportunity to gain more students and customers? And famous in the market taking advantage of a wonderful seasonal event and its joy?

From the previous examples, we conclude that marketing should not only be for the product, but rather it should highlight mainly the value that that product or service brings to the buyer.

Another example is in the field of digital courses

Suppose you are fluent in the art of cooking, or you have your own restaurant that serves the most delicious meals. You can take advantage of the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and prepare a video course or a digital book in the form of PDF through which you present “ 30 most delicious Ramadan recipes decorating your table ”.

You can sell it on the Internet and make a lot of money from it, because people need that especially during this period.

We chose an example for you that talks about the Gulf Center that teaches cooking courses to increase your inspiration!

7- Use marketing methods to increase sales

 In order to sell more, you must have more methods and strategies, including, for example, the technique of upsell or upsell , which is a successful marketing method, based on offering the customer another product that complements the product he bought but provides him with the first with special conditions that help him realize the importance of producers Both for him, as well as the possibility of having both at a special price.

Among the other methods used in selling, we mention: cross sell, which is based on the idea of ​​selling other additional products based on their importance as well, in order to be able to do this, you must know your customer more in order to be able to focus on other needs he has.

There is also a method of selling the falling down sell means to try attachment to the customer and earned him when he realized the idea that it will go back on buying, then you can provide the product at a very special or offer a product slightly lower price, but meets the needs just like the basic product to express him try to help him And win it as a customer …  

8- He gave gifts in this holy month and announced competitions

You can set up a blog post or article on your site or blog announcing that a contest will be held on the occasion of the month of Ramadan. Set the terms of the competition to help you increase sales:

Giving gifts is a great way to increase sales

Examples of defining the conditions for participating in the competition include: buying from the store with a value of 50 dinars or riyals. And to invite two people to put an impressive private competition publication and follow – up page asking them to shop on Anstaqram . Follow .

The prize in the competition will be: a purchase voucher worth 700 dinars from the shop or a dinner invitation for 4 people to eat at dine at a 5-star hotel or a famous restaurant .

Giving gifts and discount vouchers are also great ways to increase sales in Ramadan: such as offering a women’s purse or a small men’s purse bearing the store’s brand when every person enters to buy within 3 or 4 days of the beginning of the holy month, or when it ends … such a procedure attracts you customers It also achieves an increase in sales.

9- Increase the efficiency of your customer service team distinctively this month

Due to the increase in the number of customers and the movement of the markets during the month of Ramadan, it is possible that customers’ questions, complaints and some disputes will also arise.

It is imperative to enhance the efficiency of your customer service team

This is very normal, and for this you should consider training the Customer Service team to provide a highly efficient service. It is important to solve all problems that arise from purchasing as much as possible. 

One of the most important rules is to try to answer the phone or emails that carry complaints or questions as quickly as possible, as this is the only way to earn their loyalty and distinguish that from the stores and your competitors in the field of performance.

It is necessary for every happy customer to come out satisfied with you and your shop, especially in Ramadan, the month of goodness, tolerance and good dealing.

10- Check the condition of your warehouse

This point is very important for those who have a physical business and have a warehouse in which they store goods.

It is necessary that your warehouse be equipped for each emergency with additional quantities of goods

There is nothing worse than going through the following situation: the customer comes to you to order a specific item or piece and you go to the shelf and be surprised that the goods have run out!

And when you go to the warehouse you don’t see any leftovers, imagine the customer’s disappointment! Try as much as you can not to reach such situations, because that causes great disappointment to the customer and causes him to anger and lose opportunities.

If you want to solve the problem of how to sell more in Ramadan, then try to solve the problems that you may encounter regarding goods in warehouses.

Try to fill your warehouse more than you usually need. Store other quantities, and try to contact your colleagues in the profession or those who sell the same production line, and make sure that you can get any parts of the goods from them in emergency cases or vice versa, declaring your willingness to support other stores when necessary.

11- Provide free samples or discount coupons during this period to increase your sales

The holiday period is an excellent period for making discounts and providing free samples to test the goods and the product.

It is very useful to allow the potential customer to try the product, so that he increases more confidence in the purchase and buys with complete conviction and determination, and all this reduces the possibilities of returning products and asking for money back later.

Examples of offers you could make to a lead include: 

If a customer comes and wants to buy a cell phone from your store (assuming you sell cellular devices), offer to him, in addition to the cell phone, to buy a leather cover for it, or accessories that allow you to hang your cell phone on the car, or a beautiful women’s accessory from traditional jewelry He gives it to his wife.

Focus on providing a free sample, for example a very small perfume box if you have a store or sell perfumes on the Internet, so the customer loves to buy perfumes and may buy more than one package.

12 – took advantage of the design element of design in line with this month ‘s privacy

The design theme goes far beyond aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, thinking in the visual aspect is a very important factor in succeeding in communicating your message to the audience, understanding your product and forming an empathy with it.

Design helps create an emotional bond between your brand and your customers, so don’t neglect this aspect!

Examples include: If you have a Facebook page on which to sell , you can change the profile picture or the cover picture by placing an expressive picture related to the symbols of the holy month next to the image of your brand or logo , and putting a phrase that you wish your customers and everyone a Happy Eid.

Also, you should take care that the page design and the website interfaces are User Friendly, meaning the user must be able to navigate the site without problems or difficulties.

13- Using social marketing in Ramadan increases sales

By social marketing we mean : promoting a humanitarian act and a very popular social behavior among people, then mentioning your brand or the name of your business, provided that you or your company is the owner of this charitable act or the striking reference to it.

Good deeds and helping the poor, honoring heroes, spreading aid are very beautiful and lovely things that leave an impression on the soul that you must pay attention to.

Examples abound

Among the wonderful and expressive examples are: Orange Egypt Telecom Announcement for the year 2020 for the month of Ramadan, which refers to the wonderful customs and traditions in the month of Ramadan, emphasizing the need to reassure families and relatives in the month of Ramadan, help them and spend the best times with them, respecting adults and other loving moral qualities. This is very nice and could be more interesting to the company. An example of a very good example of successful social marketing!

Follow the announcement (from YouTube)

Another example of a wonderful advertisement dealing with the fields of social marketing is Banque Misr’s motivational advertisement for the year 2020, an advertisement that talks about the appreciation of the human being, the person who cares about his fellow man, whether by loyalty to his work and his profession and practicing it with loyalty, or caring for children and trying to secure the best future for them, compassion for animals and play And having fun with children from different places without any discrimination, and shedding light on the customs and features of the daily life of society that are loved by everyone.

It is another successful example that shows how a company, institution, or businessman can present his business in the best possible way that will benefit him and everyone.

14- Do not neglect to follow the customer and take care of him after the purchase

It is important to remember that your business does not end when the customer leaves your store and buys your products, but on the contrary: This is the right moment to consolidate the relationship with him further and leave the door open for future sales!

Try to contact the audience who bought from you to ask them what they think about the product or service. You can send a satisfaction questionnaire by email. In order to do so, be sure to request his email address when registering for him in your store while he is on hand to buy, okay ?!

15- Monitor developments in the market and know what the competitors are doing

If your question is: How do I sell more during Ramadan? You should think about the market in which you work. You must be aware of what is going on in it, and aware of the conditions that govern them and the news and developments that you have entered and exploited in the best way, and advance your strategies in a distinctive manner.

Learn about the prevailing trends in your market , discover new demands and desires that are spreading in the market to try to secure them for customers, study competition,  try to find out what the competing companies are doing for you, do not imitate everything you see, but take an idea and rely on the element of creativity and innovation in you, it is what will connect you To shine and success in your business during this holy month.

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