Do you believe it? There are only 2 things that the business is broken or ruined !! (2)

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Because people are the most easily variable And trust the hardest

People management

Yes, in addition to financial management. It’s human management that causes business to crash or go broke. But it is not talking about employee management, HR or power-rate HRD. They solved the problem. But it means “people” involved in doing our business. I’d better take it in an example.

  • Partnership: Where most can bring about management problems in all areas, this really is the first factor. Because there are many cases that do business together and the results come out later that Or we are he who is broken There are good partners on the clear, but starting with all parties and later sharing, good management of both work and finance. And if when you think that they are not equal, it can really break Which type allocation One person put down money One person exerts effort or the other Like this usually won’t survive because if good business can go for a while The other party will feel that The other party is not necessary “What do you do? I have own capital and what must be divided ” may not directly think like this But when there was a problem Thinking like this it will come .. Explain more clearly Each type
    • Financial partner We will not speak in the case of bad trade or business and there is a problem. Well, there are problems. Because the other party may want to do it by themselves, do not want to share or have more capital, so do stubborn racing On the other hand, I did not want to divulge myself anywhere but .. it does not help The other party would feel that it was too advantageous. Indeed, it would not be wrong. Because we had not agreed in the first place in the job duties, just divide the money down Finally, the withdrawal Competition Bring misery And close to each other immediately
    • Managing Partner
      Does not mean that the position of manager But means a certain task manager That the other party may have to rely on this person For example, a similar business that I consulted a lot is a spa. The other person is not, but has a joint investment. If well, the person who does the massage will feel tired alone .. Went out to find a replacement for things like this if it was easy But most of them are not easy. Because the owner who does not know Can not select a good employee In which case, even if doing a shop is good, but No service people It cannot make money. Ruined by regulations Which is not just this business There are many other similar styles. Even the form that should be responsible for handling the pressure, not handling Let go of neglect of work and simply conclude this point is Trust him to do If he doesn’t (stay) do Where profit and income will come in Another form is Intimate to manageSomething that is damaged or simply is using your own credit. Take something, something like this This breaks the operation. Or in the case of credit There is a problem in the store finances. Can be linked to the story in the previous episode
    • Casual partner This informal partner, business language, we might call it Supply Chain, but it’s not just Supply Chain, because if it is normal, then find new and fix it. But here it was, perhaps, was someone who had agreed to negotiate, whether it was tenants, couriers, or helped in any important business. But they are not partners Until one day the business was going well, he (this person) came to leave each other like not renting the extension. No more deliveries Or perhaps selling by themselves (racing) like this, however, the business is hard to survive
  • Cheater:  You shouldn’t have to explain much in this regard. Well, it might be digested a little bit that the more cheating, less cheating, because if less, it won’t go broke. But if it is a little longer, it will not be certain
  • Management team people: Don’t play around in thinking about getting anyone into management. Small business is possible. It is similar when taking an inappropriate person as a supervisor. Or give it up for some reason, if it’s just the  boss, it’s fine, it’s messy, but not ruined.But when I was in the management team, it was similar to being poisoned. This was seen and encountered with myself. Save the company in time, it will survive, can’t save it, wait for it to go broke Many people may wonder So what did that person do? In fact, not doing obvious things, not cheating, not bad. But to think of it, compared with the supervisor that is not suitable for many reasons. More or less sick like his employees, the work segment is stubborn As for the work, the work is not very problematic, it really is like toxic and, as I said, it is just the head of the problem. But if there is more power Try to compare it easily It’s just that the management team is not right. How will the organization be? Because it is difficult to determine who will power who In the end, either side has to go, if people are not good or bad, they go. Well, it doesn’t matter because anything will be better, but if the good people go and stay in the management Finding a replacement is not easy. Both the achievements of many things. Perhaps the people in this management team must have more or less participation. Even if it was a time when no one went, it was like a civil war. There is nothing good for this town. When there is a lack of good things as a mainstay, the followers follow their duties. This is about clear vision.
  • Mirror person / owner:  often from some personality traits, a bit of a tinge, a gambler, willful, attached to the management team. May not be effective how quickly But the effect is easier if the person owns it. Or is it us Believe it or not People in the management team can actually hurt, but sometimes these two things go together. Is not able to see what is possible And not just not seeing people in the management team But it is myself who is managing mistakes, spending a lot of money, but not taking the money to repeat it again on this issue is better.

The reason people in the mirror Or damage that the owner is Can’t solve the problem With no vision As I said, there really is a 2 + 1 reason, and this is another one.

No vision

Big business Can fail because of many mistakes in vision, and it is undeniable that small businesses are not left in big businesses. That may not be from a single person’s decision, but a small business. It cannot be denied that it usually comes from the owner What is the implication of not having vision? “Can’t solve the problem Both now and in the future ” which would be difficult to expand on what problems But if it were in the future, it would not be out of the box “Not willing to adapt” to accept various things In which many examples are so lazy to write This doesn’t just mean technology or society. The factory grows bigger and whatever grows, but still use the same methods to manage it. Most of the old successes cannot be tied to the past. These are believed to be seen clearly. And asked if to point out where the problem here comes from Answer honestly, I would say “Not looking for knowledge”If you can’t know yourself, you have to let someone know to help. Stop knowing is backwards. And it really can be broken.

From the 2 episodes that I wrote and shared Some of them agree that they do not write in details, but the main ones should see the picture. Not difficult to understand Which is not necessarily good Or what are you good at But if it is someone who has started or is about to do it If you remember to pay attention to these things, you have good immunity. It’s hard to go broke for sure !!!

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